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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. However, there is such an automobile enterprise that gains different public attention in this special way of opening the new year: National mask, street vending car, Liuzhou river snails rice noodle, and the newly completed creation center, SGMW advanced center.

▼鸟瞰图,the aerial view ©行知影像


Reshape office space


There is no doubt that the office space is undergoing a change, which reflects the changes of the times. When it is more and more difficult to distinguish between life and work, people’s requirements for office space are more diverse. As the designer, we are also thinking about how to stimulate the creativity of employees through the new office space, make the creativity visible and shared, and let the employees harvest the sense of belonging after work.

▼外立面,facade ©行知影像


The project is located in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The former site is an Office Industrial Park transformed by industrial plants. As the image building of the entrance of the whole park, the concept of “interstellar geometry” of the owner’s automobile brand is integrated into the design concept to upgrade the facade image of the building. In the entrance area, the gray corrugated board with industrial sense on the original facade is exposed, and the folded up dark metal canopy creates a young and upward sense of strength. Combined with linear luminous belt elements and logo design, a clear relationship between the old and the new is formed in the way of combining point, line and surface, so as to enhance the architectural image. For the office area with a length of nearly 70 meters, we propose to create a sense of visual stability by horizontally dividing the original building facade with windows, and regularly fold and modulus control these horizontally extended silver white perforated metal plates to form a dynamic facade effect. At the same time, the horizontal component mode helps to shade the sun and protect the internal privacy.

▼立面细节,facade details ©行知影像



As the gateway of the forward looking center, the entrance vestibule also serves as the new car media conference center. Through the high steps, it connects the three layers of space. The smooth blue-green metal plate continues the facade modeling elements and turns to form the entrance front desk area naturally. The concise and dynamic linear elements are decorated with brand colors to echo the brand spirit of youth, fashion, technology and future.

▼入口发布大厅,the entrance hall ©行知影像


Different from the traditional industry office staff, designers are no longer satisfied with working hard in their own grid space of one mu and three parts, but hope to have spacious and bright public space, flexible open discussion area and so on. Under the main pattern of open office, we divide several “third office spaces” to provide different scenarios for the use of office space: it can be a small meeting room for creative interaction brainstorming with colleagues, a review and discussion area for displaying team achievements, and a meeting member A semi independent telephone booth unit for reading, thinking and private conversation can also be a public leisure area where people can rest and recharge for informal discussion. The best office space should accommodate the co-existence of cooperation and concentration, and stimulate the collision of dynamic and static inspiration.

▼升降桌工位满足了设计师随时切换工作状态的需求,the lifting table position meets the designer’s need to switch working state at any time ©诺梵

▼每个工作室均布置评审讨论区,Each studio has a review forum ©诺梵

▼半独立单元为员工提供独立阅读思考的空间,Semi independent unit provides employees with space for independent reading and thinking ©诺梵

▼公共休闲区,public leisure area ©诺梵


As a leader in the traditional automobile industry, SGMW advanced center also undertakes the task of updating and inheritance output of the industry. The training center on the first floor will cooperate with major automobile design institutes to continuously cultivate excellent designers for the prospective center. The flexible and movable furniture and large area display wall let the future automobile designers accept and learn the advanced knowledge and skills of automobile industry.

▼培训中心和学习教室,training center and learning classroom ©行知影像


The super 4K HD VR room of the stepped cinema can be used for the designer to review the scheme without the physical model. The folding surface of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board combined with the arrangement of linear light source point and light source echoes the brand concept of “interstellar geometry”.

▼VR评审室,VR room ©行知影像


Productivity guiding future


Independent of the office building, the clay studio is the core of the whole advanced center, which undertakes the modeling research and development function with the highest confidentiality requirements. Different from the dynamic elements of the entrance lobby of the office area, the front lobby of the clay studio reflects more the rigor and order of the automobile industry.

▼油泥工作室前厅,the lobby of the clay studio ©行知影像


Connecting the lobby and the clay working area is a narrow corridor, which is a space-time light corridor leading to the future. On the white painted glass wall, the chronology of Wuling enterprise events is recorded.

space time corridor ©行知影像


According to the column network of the original workshop, the core milling area and the observation area on the flat floor are arranged with large space height, and the storage room and mezzanine office space are set locally. The addition of floor space also provides a good observation perspective for the mezzanine office staff.

▼空间剖透视,Spatial perspective ©maga Design


The strip lamp is used to strengthen the longitudinal space in the milling area, and the large clean lamp film ceiling provides good lighting for the observation area. The lighting design of line and surface elements combined with black and white gray walls has laid a simple and rational industrial design keynote. The local space is decorated with warning color orange combined with sign guidance system, which makes the whole clay studio lively.

▼油泥工作区,the milling area ©行知影像

▼油泥区夹层办公,office area ©行知影像


Looking forward to the future


The future is one of the essential attributes of design. Only by relying on the expectation or dream of the future can design describe the future vision. Design creates future productivity, and the future development of SGMW will pay more attention to the value of design with the help of national culture.

▼1#一层平面图,plan 1F of 1# ©maga Design

▼3#一层平面图,plan 1F of 3# ©maga Design

▼外立面幕墙分析图,Analysis drawing of facade curtain wall ©maga Design


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